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 At New England Outdoor, we're as much in the business of building sheds and gazebos as we are in the business of selling them.

Because we keep every step of the design and construction process in house, we can deliver structures that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship at a fair price. Every shed is built to last and backed by our lifetime warranty.

What else makes New England Outdoor the best choice for your backyard?

Quality Comes Built In

Don't even mention particle board around us. Our sheds are built with only the highest-grade materials, with an attention to detail that can only come from decades of experience. You'll notice the difference in the quality of the wood we use (think premium Western red cedar), the larger size of our standard doors and windows, and subtle design details like hidden J channels. It's quality you won't find from a big-box store.


Sheds Served Family-Style

Being family-owned and family-operated means we can take our time to ensure your every need is met. We work with our customers through every step of the process — from site inspection, to design, to installation — and customize each structure to your tastes and needs. It might take a little longer, but we think it's worth it. When you see the final product, we think you'll agree.

New England Born and Bred

Since we got our start in Massachusetts back in the '60s, we've installed tens of thousands of sheds in yards across the region. And it shows. Even our most basic designs are made to stand up to infamous New England weather, with thoughtful details like snow-ready, steel-plated roof trusses. So whether you're dealing with salty air or the second coming of Snowmageddon, we've got you covered.





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