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Wood Quality

(Graded by Strength & Appearance)

#1 Premium

(and don’t be surpised to see that stamped on a few studs in your shed)

#2 Grade

(Weaker with larger knots and splits)

Foundation Brick & Block Included to Level and Support the Shed Customer Supplied
Floor Joists 2x6 Pressure Treated, 16" On Center with a Double Center Beam 2x4 PT 16" On-Center
Floor Plywood 3/4" 1/2"
Wall Framing 2"x4" Studs 16" On Center with Interlocking Double Top Plate 2"x4" Studs 24" On Center Single Top Plate
J-Channel Hidden Exposed
Color Wide Range, Special Order Limited Choices, No Special Order
Trusses 2x6 Steel Plated Trusses

(snow load of 110psf and a 110mph Wind Speed Rating)

2x4 Trusses Connected with Plywood Gussets.

(Rating's unknown)

Drip Edge Full Coverage Front & Rear Only
Doors 3/4" Fiberglass
Keyed Lock Entry
6 Panel Exterior & Interior
Conventional Clasp
Full Customization Yes

(Our Favorite)

Installation On-Site Assembly Included by Our Experienced Carpenters Sub Contracted and Additional Fees
Warranty 30 Years 15 Years


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